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Welcome to The Watercolor House!

No matter your location, I can create an exquisite watercolor of any home or building. The results are stunning and the prices are reasonable. Clients all over the United States have trusted my services and their testimonies prove their total satisfaction.

As a landscape and architectural artist, it gives me enormous pleasure to transform your home into a well-executed watercolor painting. My style is free and loose, yet accurate. I desire to capture with the medium of watercolor, the unique personality that only your home has.

If you are an architect needing a plan visualized, a real estate agent, or an individual giving a gift as a memory of one's home, I will work with you to accomplish what you have in mind.

Examine the different thumbnails under "Portflolio" and click on each individual painting to enlarge it. My hope is that my work is what you have been seeking, and you will contact me by phone or e-mail.

watercolor brush
Watercolor of New York town house. The Watercolor house was commissioned by New York-based mortgage banker and brokerage company representing high-end NY real estate properties.
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Watercolor painting New York town house